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Based on that interview from SOD, it looks like they might be testing him in that storyline again soon. We'll see.
What Storyline ... What did SOD say to lead you to believe that Bryan is being tested again?
The EJ/Sami/Nicole sl. Because Lucas is going to be there with Sami in the hospital, and the two of them are supposed to bond in some way over Sami's latest pregnancy. Maybe the restoration of their friendship is a way to close the door on lumi, and push Lucas out of Sami's orbit for good, or it could be a set up to have Sami spend more time leaning on Lucas while keeping the pregnancy a secret from EJ. Who knows which direction DH will take.
Give how the ratings don't respond well to any form of EJamicus, one wouldn't think Days would stay there after all the effort they've made to move beyond it but then again, this is Days and they never seem to learn and just like to make the same mistakes over and over again from one HW to the next.
I'm going to wait and see what they do with these baby stories before assuming anything.
By the way, I thought they took the "bubble" out?
That's what soaps.com says.

I don't see why not, Kman. Frank Parker is gone. I'd miss Caroline though, and am glad they've been giving her more to do.
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