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I can't imagine Peggy, Suzanne, John - that any of these actors are costing Days all that much money where they would have to be cut for budget reasons. John doesn't even have a contract. He is just recurring last I checked. He doesn't even want a big story where he has to be on all the time.

I think if a vet is being cut for budget reasons that it's because they have a guarantee in their contract so whether they use them or not they have to be paid xxx amount. So Days would cut them because then they don't have to pay out the guarantee since they don't have a big story for them.

They can write out any character really fast as we saw with Shawn/Belle so it could be anyone. But if the move is already in the works then I'd still have to guess Bryan. Although I suppose it could be Peter but I don't think Days would split up Bo and Hope. But you never know. Maybe they feel it would give Hope more storyline potential.
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