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Ooh. Brazil. Cool.

I enjoyed the premiere. The opening theme is gorgeous.

Charlie is so annoying. Beyond annoying. I don't think any player has ever annoyed me as much. His crush on Marcus is horrifying. I feel bad for Marcus. Charlie is almost stalker-ish.

Corinne surprised me. I never expected her to be in the supposed core alliance. I predicted (well before the show) Marcus, Charlie and Jacquie but I figured they'd latch onto Sugar and lead on Ace for a while. Could still happen, I suppose. I totally pegged it though. Bob's impressed me. I never thought I would think he could actually make it past the early stages. Unless there's a swap, of course. Who knows what can happen.

Michelle was a nasty bitch. I was so glad to see her go first.

Crystal's surprised me. She, IMO, has taken the reigns of her tribe and is definitely calling the shots. Dan's screwed. I think they'd even keep Susie over him. I think the tribe better watch Susie, something about her just screams sneaky.

Randy was a hoot. I thought for sure he'd be annoying but I found his attitude actually refreshing. Matty seemed stoned the entire time. I like him though. GC was grating. I think he's a moron. Ken was also a little annoying but not too bad.

Kelly, Paloma and Susie were all ignored almost completely in terms of confessionals. Had Paloma and Susie not gotten airtime (Paloma upset with Ace and Susie strategizing reluctantly with Gillian) they wouldn't of even seemed to have been in the episode. The lack of development shows why this show should just stick to 16. There was no need to ever have 18.

I actually like Marcus. Way more than I expected to. His types on this show usually annoy me and I root AGAINST them, but he seems pretty genuine and normal.

Sugar's pretty cute, actually. I sense a bit of an underdog story with her.

Gillian and Michelle going didn't surprise me in the least. I'm kind of iffy on who I think could go next but if Kota loses, Kelly or Paloma's toast while on Fang, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Dan got booted, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were Susie, either.
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