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Sep 29 2008, 08:27 AM
I forgot about Steffie proposing to Kate. Did she ever answer him? Did they totally just drop that? Was there even a point to that?
So friggin weird!!! Why bring that up, have Joe M talk about it in mags, put it in spoilers then drop it totally????
Maybe they will follow up with that next year or something???
When I first heard about it, I figured maybe Steffie was going to take care of Kate thru this, show a human compassionate caring side or something, but it seems like that will be Dr. Dan. Alternatively, I thought she might accept due to the cancer for some reason.

I don't recall her giving him an answer yet. I thought she just said she'd have to think about it.

They may come back to it, but it's been sitting a while. You'd think there would be some follow-up if only them both thinking about it. Well, at least, I would think there would be some follow-up.

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