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I still believe Thaoo would be gone by now if he had not been Emmy nominated and if Joe had never returned. That is why I think Tony is going to be just an extra trip lying around. They seem to be involved Anna more lately then him. If you think about it, they can easily just have it be between Stefano and EJ for the empire. Tony is just tossed in.

I'm kind of stunned he took issue with the apron scenes. He usually likes comic pieces like that. As for the Kate proposal, she said she had to think about it and no doubt that is going to tie into her illness story.

The Dimera story was featured alot last week as Stefano alluded to some of his plans and thev J&M stuff began to take off. It's not like they dropped the story and have had it sit there for 3 months. I can see where Thaoo is coming from personally as he hasn't been featured since the cocktail party but Anna was on last week and so was Joe so the story is going on. They just aren't using him. Hopefully it picks up soon but other stories are picking up to so it's fine by me. As long as they get back to it soon, it should be fine.
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