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Sep 29 2008, 12:47 PM
As to the second thing you mentioned about Stefano proposing to Kate and then that being dropped and her getting lung cancer and not a thought about Stefano's proposal, I think that has more to do with the creative clashing that was goin on behind the scenes. You can totally tell that there were two different outlines being written, and we're starting to fully get into that second one and all reminents of the first one are being phased out (Lucas and Chloe, Trent Robbins, the fight for the DiMera empire, a possible Stefano and Kate hook up, etc.).
I can buy that.

Kate's one of my favorites. It's just a tad disconcerting to have her in that scene, and it completely go away as if it didn't happen. It would have been nice to have her say 'no' and put it to rest. I agree they must just have dropped it like it never happened. Stefano would have invited her to the dinner party if she was even considering I'd think.

I'll assume she told him she can't have any more children, and he dropped her. Otherwise, she'd be in a cage.

I hope the Dimera Empire fight isn't completely gone, but I think you're right. I just can't get over how much ferocity Tony had, and now it's just gone. Very disappointing. I just hope they are getting settled and will include Tanna long term.
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