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Sep 29 2008, 02:10 PM
Holy shit! I almost busted a gut laughing my ass off that Lucas is the CFO of Titan! Are you fucking kidding me? Does Lucas have the Master's degree and CPA creds that most CFO of international companies have?
I thought insta-lawyer EJ had it good, but this takes the taco!!!

Bryan Williams interrupted half of the show today with the Wall Street bailout crap, but I did get to see some amazing chemistry between Phillip and Chloe. I am so NOT a Phloe fan, but today, Nadia's acting rose a few notches and Phillip just smolders when looking at her, so hell ya on Phloe. Why in the world can't Lucas look at a woman like that. I saw more affection and love in a 2 minute scene with Phillip and Chloe than all summer of Lucas and Chloe.

And I promise, I don't mean to diss Lucas so much. With the nasty mullet, he just annoys the shit out of me lately.

And, I am not detective, but any fool could look at the size of Trent and Caroline and see that it was impossible for that 80 year old woman to beat him up and stab him in the back. She should have been brought in for questioning and released based on her statement and circumstances, not booked into prison. Silly. Silly. Silly.
Go Hope for actually sounding intelligent during her investigation. Loved the layover scenes between Hope describing events and the characters looking at their injuries. Poor Trent just got it from all sides.

Kinda liked me some Nick and Melanie. Bout time Nick gets a romance scene. Mel could tone it down a bit.

And anyone who thinks that Dr. Dan and Nicole had a thing needs to see a little of their scenes today. Nicole couldn't be less interested, and Dan looks like he is just amused and tolerating her. Doesn't even look like he likes her.
Loved that she called Pookie a "bee-atch"...Ari had to adlib that.
Must be some significance that they pushed Nicole's alcoholism so much...didn't realize she was such an addict. Bet she will lose the baby due to poor health...or maybe Lucas will help her stay sober and now since he is such a big shot CFO making the money, Nicole will fall in love and they can romance. I think Nicole is the only person who can make Lucas look good.

Now, I assume we will see Sami and Nicole land such high powered jobs in the corporate world too, right? Oh, I forgot. They are knocked up and doomed to stay home and have their baby's daddy's/sugar daddy's support them.

Didn't mean to bitch so much. When I get home early and settle in to watch my stories, I don't like Bryan Williams telling me the world is going to end!!!
I'm not going to bother typing up my thoughts on today's show when I agree with everything you just said! Including the part about Brian Williams cutting in.

Lucas as CFO...give me a break! He went to military school!
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