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Sep 29 2008, 04:06 PM
Sep 29 2008, 02:22 PM
So glad they had Julie nitpicking Melanie. She would totally do that, despite her own past as a troublemaker. Takes one to know one, indeed.
Julie was spot on because the minute she said it I immeditelly remembered the first DAYS episode and Julie, the teen shoplifter. As for Melanie, she is so flirty and charming I´m not surprised Nick already fell in love with her. She is like the biggest tease in the world. Of course, DAYS being DAYS I wouldn´t be surprised if Mel is still a virgin. Even Chelsea was.
Ugh. Please don't let Melanie be a virgin. I'm sick of Nick being a starter boyfriend for girls on this show. I really wanted his next girlfriend to know what sex was like. I'd actually love it if she was more experienced then he was.

Today's show was good. Of course I thought Mick were cute. Julie was starting to tick me off with the body language line but then it went along better when she said it took one to know one. I laughed at Doug and Mickey standing their proud their nephew was getting a mouthful in the restaurant.

Caroline got to me today. Usually she doesn't but I got all choked up when she accepted her fate and was led away.

Date is finally moving forward and about them as a couple. I love that Kate went back to work and she wouldn't accept Dan's sympathy. This should be good. Dan/Nicole made me laugh today though.

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