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Sep 29 2008, 12:30 AM
And then the more I think about that, the more I hate it.

She's going to come up with all these sped reasons for not telling him.

Nicole is having his child, yadda yadda

She is not sure of Ej's feelings for her, yadda yadda..

All not valid reasons for not telling him about her own baby.

I can see EJ moving on with nicole. I can just see it. And that'll be painful to watch because I don't think Ari and James have "it".

And Sami'll be alone. It'll be her fault. I wonder if she'll try to pass the baby off as Lucas', just to stick it to EJ for sleeping with Nicole. Samieqsue.

And I already mentioned how stupid she is. Grrr...now i won't be able to stop. :lol:
I can't possibly see EJ and that skank ending up together. Whatt ever 'it' is, they don;t have it, Now Sami and Ej have the chemistry that can take Days to a whole new level if they were just able to exp[lore that relationship and let it blossom.

Unlike POD-EJ and :drunk:
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