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Queen Hoochie

Sep 29 2008, 12:43 PM
Poor Thaao. The show gives him what looks like it could be a future storyline, and he gets his hopes up, only to have any hopes of a story dropped. I feel bad for him. He's a freaking Emmy nominee, and the first nominee for Lead Actor the show's had since, I don't know, maybe MacDonald Carey? Use the damn man!

I'm glad he's having scenes with Lexie though. I love when Lexie is involved with her DiMera family members.

With him working less, I have to wonder if the fight for the DiMera empire storyline is going to dwindle down to nothing as well. And if that happens, could Joseph Mascolo be out the door soon...again?
When we (the hoochies) talked to Thaao in Burlington, he was excited because the DiMera storyline was going to be big. He said it would unfold in 3 phases. I won't say what they are. Don't want to get him in trouble in case they decide to do it. And he said he was going to be involved in the Autism storyline. Things have changed since everyone came back from the shutdown. I'm assuming the new writer may have something to do with it.

Yeah, Thaao's the first lead male nominee since SN in 1988. They are basically killing his chances of repeating.

I thought the apron thing was funny. Thaao seemed to be enjoying it. He had a shit eating grin the entire time.
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