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As I posted on the weekend, I thought Monday was very good.

I just loved the Horton interaction. It was so nice seeing Doug, Julie, Mickey, and Maggie on and involved in something that means something. Glad to see Mickey's services being used and Julie not liking Melanie and comparing her to herself was just so fitting. Nick/Melanie was cute. I didn't mind the kiss as alot of it was flirty. I just got a kick out of Doug and Mickey looking on approvingly and Maggie and Julie looking on all concerned. It's stuff like this that is so Days. Loved it.

Stax did nothing for me but the story at least moved in their regard and I do like Shelley's hair. It looks nice shorter. I really enjoyed the cemetery scenes. I like how Caroline was silent and they didn't have her go into hysterics with her yelling she didn't do it and so on. Bo knew it right away and his conflict over doing it by the book was well-done. I loved seeing how awkward Hope was too and Roman's reaction when they arrived at the station was also well-done. Just loved Mickey, Maggie, Doug, and Julie being by Caroline's side. The end scene with Roman locking Caroline up was heartbreaking. Peggy, Josh, Peter, and Kristian all performed well today. I also thought the suspects were portrayed well. Burnett, Berris, Zucker, and Brooks did very good jobs. I especially liked Steve getting involved at the cemetery and Hope and Steve's voice-overs as they went through the suspects and Trent's injuries and we saw each suspect (Melanie with Trent's wallet, Nicole with the fingernails, Max with the bruises and scratches on his back, and Nick with the bruised knuckles). That was a well-done scene. Nice way to amp up the story.

Nicole/Daniel was hilarious. Loved her little "beotch" ad-lib and all the Pookie talk. Today showed why Nicole is such a great character. We got all sides of her today and I was fascinated by every scene she was in. She just draws you in. Liked the little Kate/Nicole snark we got today too. Kate/Daniel was some nice interaction as well. Glad they went through the details of her illness. That should sooth concerns of some over this story. I also like how they are writing Kate focusing on work and acting like her illness is no big deal. That is so in character for her.

All in all, a very good start to the week. Tomorrow's is solid as well. I'm very glad they mention how Max would never let his mother go down for murder tomorrow. I was worried if they would address that. I was also shocked by how good the Lucas/Sami/EJ scenes were tomorrow. The fact that Sami is actually looking for a job shocked the hell out of me LOL.
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