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I'll try to help, King. Making this short and sweet:

Max and Stephanie went to Paris to find his sister. They met Melanie in Paris but ended up in jail, taking the fall for her stealing a friend's necklace. They got out when Nick arrived. Chelsea soon arrived too. Stephanie and Melanie had some major tension going on. Melanie got into some trouble when Trent pimped her out to Claude, someone he owed money too. Nick found her and got shot trying to save her, which made Chelsea hate her, especially when Nick and Melanie got closer. Claude was arrested when Max and the others showed up. Chelsea spied Nick and Melanie kissing. They all returned to Salem. Max and Melanie lashed out at Trent, both publicly wanting him dead. Nick threatened Trent too. Nick told Chelsea off about her treatment of Melanie and about her being possessive of him. Chelsea clearly has feelings for Nick. Nick and Melanie grew closer. Caroline was worried about Max given his temper and his trying to kill Trent at the Pub. Trent was found dead with Caroline standing over him with the knife. She was arrested. Nicole, Max, Melanie, and Nick are also suspects. Claude is too as he is out of jail and Trent still owed him money. Victor also made a mysterious call to Nico after learning that Nicole was still married to Trent. He wanted Trent taken care of. Victor also wants all his money, including what was spent, back from Nicole.

Nicole and EJ hooked up, had sex in an elevator, have been growing closer but he can't stay away from Sami. Nicole saw them kissing during the hospital lockdown and things got tense but they are ok again. Nicole has been getting sick of late and now knows she is pregnant. EJ is busy with the battle for the Dimera empire. He is teamed with Tony and they both hope to take control from both John and Stefano.

Lucas and Chloe hooked up, had sex in an elevator, and have been getting closer since. Lucas got out of jail by helping with a dangerous mission. He got beat up badly doing so. Lucas got joint custody and is now at the Horton cabin with Chloe and Allie. Chloe isn't quite ready to be a mother and hasn't told Lucas about her reservations regarding Allie.

It was revealed Kate and Daniel had an affair. Chelsea found out and fled to Paris to be with Max and co. She's now back and seemingly through with Daniel and hates Kate, although she is seems sympathetic of her illness. Kate's had a cough for awhile but refused treatment. Philip forced her to take an x-ray and she began coughing up blood. She just learned she may have lung cancer and needs a biopsy. She also had Stefano propose marriage to her but that has gone nowhere yet. She said she had to think about it.

Theo has autism but has been progressing. Abe resigned as commissioner the same time as Lexie resigned as COS (she's still a doctor). Abe couldn't take the corruption and it is suspected the mayor is on Stefano's payroll. Abe is now considering running for Mayor. Kayla is interim COS.

John and Ava hooked up. She convinced John to destroy the disk. He did but Marlena took the remnants to Roman, who sent them to the ISA. Somehow Stefano got it. Ava left town when she realizes she could not escape the charges against her. Stefano awoke from his coma and trapped Tony, Anna, Steve, Kayla, Joe, EJ, Sami, John, Marlena, Lucas, and Chloe. He had Marlena drugged with the same stuff he gave her. Marlena saw her sister Sam and John saw Santo, his old self, and young Stefano in hallucinations, which all the other trapped characters had. Marlena realizes she must take control of her life and began to push John away, not wanting him or her to be hurt anymore. John began to realize he needed her. John has begun to short-circuit now and is having moments of rage and seizures. He collapsed while with Anna and Marlena and Kayla are worried. Stefano and Rolf have said it's a matter of time before he dies and have hinted at possibly a new pawn. Stefano's plans also seem to involve his grandkids and destroying Marlena, who he has since exposed as the person who put him in a coma. Stefano, John, Tony, and EJ are feuding over the empire.

During the lockdown, Stefano had baby Joe taken but nothing has come of that yet.

Paul was seemingly killed and then revealed to be alive in John's basement in the Dimera house. John was trying to set up Philip. Philip and Morgan got close. He took a bullet for her. They became a couple. Victor had a stroke and begged Bo to get rid of the tape of Philip threatening Paul (a planted tape by John). Bo did it and he was exposed after his wedding to Hope (John found out and told the media). Philip admitted to Morgan he threatened to kill Paul. Paul escaped and turned himself in as part of a deal made with Stefano (who was also in cahoots with Victor) to protect Morgan. Victor wanted Philip cleared and Stefano wanted John cleared so that he could have him under his thumb so that John would not press charges against him for the brainwashing and imprisonment he did to John. Paul went to jail for everything. Morgan and Philip made up and she got an internship with Kate. Philip and Chloe have been getting close again.

I think that's it LOL. If you need anything else, let me know. I know a site where you can download every episode or anything you would like to see so if you want anything, just PM me.
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