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I don't have any problem with Lucas being CFO. He worked at Titan for years, he was a main player in Kate and EJ's company as well, and he knows enough about the financial end of the business that he was able to spot EJ's tampering with the books. So he has a well established background in the business world already. I also have no issue with his hair, I found it to be more of an "in character" type of thing. He probably didn't get regular visits to the salon while in jail ;) Now that he's back in the corporate world, he got his hair cut.

With EJ, we had no clue he was a lawyer. He never mentioned it, his father never mentioned it. We just turned on the show one day, and EJ was a lawyer. :shrug:

I thought Monday's show was ok. I just have zero empathy for Caroline, I don't like her. So the jail scenes didn't tug at the heartstrings at all. Plus we already know she didn't kill Trent, so she'll be out of jail in no time. Nicole was the major bright spot on the show. I loved the Phloe scenes as well. I wonder what Chloe will do when Brady gets back in town. Are we going to have three guys chasing her? I sure hope not.

I also hope that Melanie will remain on the show. I am really loving her interaction with Nick. Good stuff there.
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