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I love yesterday's show. All of the interactions were awesome.

I thought the scenes with Bope/Caroline were acted out very well. Hope reading the coroner's report, at the same time we see the potential suspects Nick/Melanie/Max/Nicole was nice touch. The last scene with Roman/Caroline made me cry.

Daniel and Nicole's scenes were great. I wish they would pursue them as a couple; lot's of chem there.

Kate's reaction to her diagnosis was spot on. She was great....I hope they rock this s/l for her.

Philip/Chloe - Wow!! I'm on the Phloe train bigtime...Nadia's acting was better in yesterday's epi...must be the chem with JKJ. Can't wait to see what happens when Brady is back.

Lucas- I know that there are alot of BD fans out there, but I'm sorry, to me, he is just sticking out like a sore thumb. They're just not writing him well at all (not that they ever have) but now it's just awful. I mean CFO? Seriously?! More and more I'm thinking he's gonna be killed off. Just a feeling I get.

Doug/Julie/Mickey/Maggie- Loved them!! It really did seem like old times yesterday with the four them. It's good to see them back. I could've done without the green talk plug in it's just waaay to cheesey they way they approach it. Oh well--we can't have everything.

Overall, good show. :cheers:
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