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Sep 30 2008, 01:53 PM
Today I actually enjoyed EJami. I had to smile that Sami admitted to being a forger, reminded me of the days when I really loved Sami. What bothers me though is today had signs of both EJami and Lumi and I'm so tired of both sides of the triangle I could scream.

Speaking of triangles, Chelsea's talk with Hope was hilarious and maddening at the same time. I find it hilarious that Chelsea simply telling Hope that Melanie is a suspect one minute and then we have Melanie seriously being considered one later makes me wonder if that's all it took. Of course Melanie might have done it, but given it's the SalemPD, I wouldn't put it past them they get a tip from a jealous ex-girlfriend of Nick's to take it seriously. I do have to say shame on Chelsea since she has no idea that Melanie is a viable suspect.

Yay, Kayla is CoS.

Great points all around, Tripp!

Liked EJami, and love when EJ gets playful with Sami. Even enjoyed some Lumi today too. Glad to see that they all can get along with the kids...even throw in a little snark there. I am hoping that they plan to ditch the triangle with them though. It will make me hate all three of them!

Show was okay today...there is some movement...liked the scenes with Chelsea and Theo. Maybe they can make Chelsea an extra and just have her be one of those nurses who comes on every once in awhile because that seems to be the only way I can take her. Very small doses and being cute with Theo. Hated her with Hope.
Otherwise, I think she does seem to stick out lately.

MAJOR MAJOR props to Bryan Datillo for cutting his hair! So much better!! Maybe that is why I liked him today!!! I think I actually cheered when I saw him!!! :applause:
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