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Today was another good show. There was a lot of movement and that's a great thing.

I'm glad they made Steve a private investigator and they have him working the the police. Smart move. I always imagined Steve as a police officer, but not really because he's not one to follow the rules, himself, much like Bo back in the day. But with him as a pirvate investigator, he can do his own thing and not have to worry about following the rules because it may look bad on the force if he chooses not to, like Bo always seems to be in trouble with. Maybe Bo and Steve should be PI's together.

Thank God no one believes Caroline could've committed the murder. It's a good thing they mentioned the beatings on Trent and the beating he took probably before he wask killed. It would have been completely stupid for anyone to believe that Caroline could've done it considering what happened, and the writers could've easily went that route.

The mayor is a complete asshole, but I love him so far. I wish he would become a more permanent character.

The scenes between Max and Melanie were right on. For the first time since Max found out he had a sister, despite the several scenes they shared together in Paris and recently in Salem, today was the first time I felt a sibling vibe from the two, and I could see staying power with Melanie as Max's sister and nothing else. The way they sparred against each other, one accusing the other of murdering their father, it was great. Darin Brooks and Molly Burnett played well off each other. That was great.

I thought it was a good move to have Cheslea be the one to put the bug in Hope's ear that Melanie may have done the killing. It reminds the audience that Chelsea's a little conniving and manipulating bitch as well and if she doesn't like you, you better watch your back. Chelsea got back at Melanie for her interest in Nick and she didn't get her fingers dirty at all. I love when they write Chelsea as the bitch she is.

I like Lexie and Kayla's new friendship. Maybe they've been friends for years, since Lexie has been a character on the show since the late-80s, despite Renee Jones only coming into the role in 1992. Were Lexie and Kayla friends back in the day? I wasn't watching then so I don't know. Anyways, I like their scenes together. At first, when I was watching and saw Kayla tell Lexie that she was the interim Chief of Staff, Lexie's reaction made me think she may be a little upset and jealous. But we returned from the break and she was congratulating Kayla. While I don't mind Lexie being okay with Kayla taking over the job, I would have liked a little bit of bitterness from Lexie, sort of the way she reacted to the mayor choosing Hope to be Abe's replacement. Before she knew Hope was Abe's choice, Lexie was ready to duke it out with Mrs. Brady. I hope we do see some sort of resentment from Lexie in the future. It would just be natural.

There have been rumors that Abe would run for mayor since Higley's last stint at DAYS. Since she was booted out before she got the chance to do that back in 2003, I guess she's going to have it at this time. I can see it.

I'm so glad to hear Sami is trying to find a job. She's been unemployed for way too long. Does she evern work at Mythic anymore? Does anyone? I had to laugh when Sami said that she had the top SAT scores in her class. Um, bitch, you never graduated? She dropped out, as I recall. She never went to college. The only thing that could've happened was the piano lessons, but yeah... So whatever on those scenes. I liked the touching EJ and Sami moment. I'm a fan of theirs, due to the chemistry, despite the horrible destruction of both characters.

And HALLELUJAH! Lucas cut his damn hair. It's about time. And did anyone else see a side of the old Lucas come out today? I felt that Lucas had his fire back in today's episode, sparring with Sami and EJ. Lucas and Sami are so much better when they're at odds, and Lucas actually tells Sami off rather than just accepting what she does and forgetting it. I'll take Lucas vs. Sami over Lumi anyday. But I do think it was a okay to have Lucas be the one that found Sami. It shows that despite their hatred for each other now, they will always have that connection and I think that's a good thing to show every now and then. Just keep the two apart please.
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