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I loved EJ and Sami today. Nice scenes with lots of chemistry and it was great to get the reminders of the old Sami. Like was mentioned, I don't believe Sami graduated either, but my son took his SAT his junior year of high school so it's still possible she took the test and scored high. I do remember back around the time of her involvement with Brandon that she was shown to be a financial whiz when she was playing the stock market. Maybe Philip should have made her CFO instead of Lucas. I also enjoyed the evil little twinkle in Sami's eyes when she told Lucas that Allie was taking a nap, and she would be cranky all day. That's the witchy, bitchy Sami I love.

Is it just me or does Theo's therapist Mark look a lot like Patrick Dempsey from Grey's Anatomy?

Good show, with a lot of story progression.
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