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CDN TV Guide spoilers

Max confronts Stephanie about finding Trent's wallet in her purse; Sami expresses her concern over Nicole's pregnancy with EJ.

A paternity test determines that EJ is the father of Nicole's baby; Stephanie and Max search Trent's wallet for prints.

EJ accuses Nicole of using her pregnancy for financial gain; Sami tries to hide her belly with new clothes.

Sami schedules a prenatal appointment; John tells Stefano he's giving up his rights to the DiMera empire.

Chloe misinterprets a moment between Lucas and Sami and learns Sami is pregnant.

Daily spoilers

Monday, October 13th
EJ. tells Nicole that he wants proof of paternity; Stephanie thinks Melanie planted the wallet on her; Philip asks Melanie if she killed Trent; John visits Marlena; Chelsea finds Kate at Barron's and accuses her and Daniel of scheming.

Tuesday, October 14th
Lexie and Abe fire the sitter for allowing Theo to run off; Sami thinks E.J. won't be aware of her pregnancy; Nick disagrees with Melanie's statement that she was the cause of his drinking; prints on Trent's wallet.

Wednesday, October 15th
E.J. believes the pregnancy is a ploy for money; Chloe arrives at the cabin and finds Sami; Sami thinks it's a good time to end it with E.J.; Daniel and Kate become intimate; Abe determines to run a clean campaign; Stefano supports the mayor grudgingly.

Thursday,October 16th
Lucas misreads Sami's trip to the clinic, then hugs her; E.J. convinces Nicole to move into the mansion after she is about to be evicted; John says he is forfeiting his rights to the DiMera empire and signs divorce papers for Marlena.

Friday, October 17th
Misinterpreting Lucas and Sami's hug, Chloe learns the baby is E.J.'s; Sami gathers courage to tell E.J. the truth; when the mayor goes to confront Stefano, a killer shoots him; Melanie admits she may have killed Trent.

**UPDATED 10/7**

Daytime Dial spoilers


* Lucas tells Chloe that Sami will live with them for the time being.

* Daniel and Kate make love.

* Nick and Melanie share a passionate kiss.

* Abe and Lexie are accused of being terrible parents.

* EJ accuses Nicole of using her pregnancy for financial gain.

Thursday John presents Marlena with signed divorce papers.

Friday Sami witnesses a murder.


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