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Shockingly, I liked EJ and Sami too. I love how Sami is taking charge of her life. The little EJ and Sami moment was nice and I like that they mentioned her forging among her talents. Hints of old Sami today, especially when she talked about Lucas having a rough day since he was waking up Allie. Lucas was quite in character today too, taking jabs at both EJ and Sami. I do agree that Lucas and Sami work so much better at odds. I thought it was fitting too that Lucas found her at the end given all the conflict between them of late.

Melanie and Max had some great scenes. Burnett is just a gem and she played well off of Brooks. I also liked Melanie's interaction with everyone at the station. I like her as the outsider. I'm also always a sucker for Steve/Stephanie scenes so I enjoyed those. Loved the cop shop stuff. I agree that it's great seeing Steve working with the police and as a PI. Opens up so many more doors. The Mayor is a creep but I love him and it's so good to see the Brady's being called on conflict of interest and other issues. So glad they mentioned how they couldn't believe that Max would let Caroline take the fall and that Caroline could no way beat up Trent like that.

Hope/Chelsea was good too. Chelsea has her edge back and it was fitting that she hinted to Hope that Melanie had motive. I do agree that Chelsea seems to be on the outside looking in right now but I doubt she is doing anywhere. I did enjoy the Chelsea/Theo scenes and glad that the autism story is still in focus. Lexie/Kayla had some nice scenes too. For me, it would make no sense to have tension there since Lexie herself gave up the job. If she had been fired, it would be different IMO. I love Kayla being COS. Hopefully we see her more. The idea of Abe running for Mayor is a good one too. Look forward to that.

Solid start to the week. Tomorrow's is really good too. It's a shame because I love Sami tomorrow. She's taking charge of her life and makes the statement she needs to be independent and take control of her life. She mentions getting a job and not needing a man and then she finds out what is going on with her. They should've just left it alone because they were finally taking Sami in the direction I wanted her to go in. Ugh.

The Lumi scenes are good tomorrow and there is some wonderful Kayla/Victor and Victor/Caroline scenes. Peggy McKay and John Aniston SHINE tomorrow. Peggy has enough material this year to be up for supporting actress for sure. Victor is in rare form tomorrow. Very threatening and calculating.
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