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Sep 30 2008, 10:19 PM
^I never bought the Nicole/Daniel thing anyway.

I am wondering why they even did a paternity test. We never saw Nicole get it on with anyone else unless maybe Sami put the idea in EJ's head that he should have it done just in case given how Nicole drinks and could've slept with anyone. That probably explains it.

The CDN spoilers make this week sound boring so far. I'll wait until we get the detailed ones or find out more before I decide since these are vague but so far not much going on in these spoilers.
I think you've forgotten how much Nicole slept around before. She went prowling with Ava, and while the scene with Ava showed them not liking those particularly guys, it was very apparent that Nicole wasn't averse to sleeping around. She just wasn't into either of those guys. It does not mean she didn't sleep with other guys, and I felt it was likely she did.

I thinks it makes perfect sense that she would take a paternity test. I know you buy into her 'poor little me, I hate men because I was abused theory', but until recently that was NOT how she was portrayed. She used to be shown to like men. Nothing wrong with that btw, I liked that she liked men. I liked alot about her before. It just means this insta-pathetic Nicole who doesn't like men because she's always been a victim portrayal makes no sense, which has been my problem with this story. That and the fact that she still doesn't regret anything she's done. People just want her redeemed based on her having a horrible past vs her regretting what she did and understanding it because she had a horrible past...

If you're gonna ignore history, then I could see how this might confuse you though.
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