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I don't think that we're going to see Sami withhold the child from EJ--the Prevuze day-ahead already shows Lucas calling her out on how she did that to him with Will. He makes the call to EJ. It sounds like he doesn't want EJ to go through that, even though they are enemies.

it's got to come out at some point that she's pregnant--I mean, isn't that why they wrote this in, so that they wouldn't have to hide Ali's belly? I just don't see them trying to pass it off as someone else's baby. I think Sami is just overwhelmed by this news. They made a point to show her yesterday trying to establish some semblance of independence, trying to get her life back, and now this--three young babies. It's just going to take her a while to come to terms with it, I think.

While I want a more devious Sami back, I don't want to see her go all the way back to paternity-switching. But that would require me to place faith in these writers--faith that I don't have, given what I've seen on my screen for the past 6 months...
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