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I don't see how Sami concerning herself with Nicole's pregnancy is proof that she "truly loves" EJ. I still feel about Sami the way I felt about Belle: she doesn't want someone else playing with one of her toys. EJ spent ages allegedly being obsessively in love with her and I think she enjoyed kicking him around because for once she held the power. Now she doesn't, and she doesn't like it. IMO, Sami doesn't love EJ at all.
That's why opinions are a beautiful thing. :smile:

I have to agreee with Paxton.
If Sami "loves" EJ why would she react to the news of her pregnancy the way she did? Why not tell him?

Then we will agree to disagree then. I don't know why Sami does the things she does, I guess her reactions to life's unexpected turn of events are what makes Sami, Sami.

The EJami/Ejole/Lumi debates have become quite monotonously expected here and I won't bite. I'm not going to sit here and debate with you whether or not Sami loves EJ. You have your opinion and I have my own opinion and theory as to how things will play out.

Uh...OK. But for the record neither Paxton nor myself even hinted at Lumi or Ejole. We were only discussing the unlikelihood that Sami loves EJ.

Given that you think that Sami loves EJ you might have some insight as to why Sami wouldn't just tell EJ.

Guess I was wrong.
My apologies to you if I presumed you were debating for a fanbase.

However, yes, you were wrong. I don't have any insight on what the writers will do. We can sit here and speculate 'til kingdom come but we'll never know what's gonna happen until it's on our screens. So, no, I don't have insight, none of us do, no matter which couple or character you are or aren't rooting for. Who knows how Sami, Nicole, EJ or any one character on the show will be written in the future. History on this show obviously means nothing.

Regardless, I stand firm on my opinion that Sami does love EJ and I don't have to explain my opinion or theory to anyone.
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