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Oct 1 2008, 10:15 AM
Uh...OK. But for the record neither Paxton nor myself even hinted at Lumi or Ejole. We were only discussing the unlikelihood that Sami loves EJ.

Given that you think that Sami loves EJ you might have some insight as to why Sami wouldn't just tell EJ.

Guess I was wrong.
Welll, I'm not Pearly, but I can take a stab at this.

Right now, Sami's alone with no means of support other than her children's fathers. She was going to try to get a job, but that just became a lot more difficult considering she's pregnant--and she didn't exactly have that many prospects to begin with. The last time she was pregnant, EJ was threatening to steal custody before the baby was born. And he was in love with her then. Now, he's dating her enemy, and he's basically told Sami that he doesn't care about her at all anymore other than as Johnny's mother. And he's already talked about custody. Is it that surprising that she would want to think things through before telling him they're going to have another baby?
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