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My apologies to you if I presumed you were debating for a fanbase.

However, yes, you were wrong. I don't have any insight on what the writers will do. We can sit here and speculate 'til kingdom come but we'll never know what's gonna happen until it's on our screens. So, no, I don't have insight, none of us do, no matter which couple or character you are or aren't rooting for. Who knows how Sami, Nicole, EJ or any one character on the show will be written in the future. History on this show obviously means nothing.

Regardless, I stand firm on my opinion that Sami does love EJ and I don't have to explain my opinion or theory to anyone.

really? you think?

I've often seen posters remark, "She never would have done that." or "That's classic Sami" and "Wash, rinse, repeat"

The reason I like the writing for Nicole so far is that she is acting true to her character. Yes her character is evolving but it the writers have her evolving and behaving in away that makes sense for someone that has been through what she has.

Oh well, I guess same old Sami has always acted in an inexplicably idiotic manner. She has that going for her and apparently, some people like it.

Again, difference of opinion. Nicole is not being written now as she was during her first run, not by a long shot. It may make sense how she is reacting NOW but it does not fit to how her character WAS written, historically.

Funny you say that Sami has always acted in an inexplicably idiotic manner because that's just how I feel about how Nicole is being written now. I guess you can say "She has that going for her and apparently, some people like it".

Really? It wasn't revealed that Nicole was drugged and forced to do porn as a young teen last time? :shrug:
I imagine you misunderstand me. I'm not saying that Nicole is behaving in the same way she was in the past. I'm saying that Nicole is behaving in a way that coincides with her past.

But that's still a difference of opinion. I don't believe that the Nicole who'd try to kill someone as powerful as Victor Kiriakis would have allowed Trent to waltz back into town, terrorize her, and blackmail her. I can understand where the people who feel that that is true to character are coming from, but it doesn't work for me.
Nicole tried to kill Victor after over a year of tolerating his blackmail, physical/sexual abuse and virtual imprisonment in his home. There was nothing strong or powerful about it.
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