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Oct 1 2008, 04:12 PM
Oct 1 2008, 03:35 PM
Oct 1 2008, 03:32 PM
Ew to thought of Philip and Melanie as a romantic couple. First Morgan, and now Melanie? Just give the guy someone his own age. If they're not going to give Chloe to him solely, bring on someone new that's in his age range. Stop making Philip out to be this pedophile. Geez!

They can't put Philip and Melanie together. Their combined names dooms them - Phelanie (felony, like what Philip would be committing for sleeping with an underage girl.) ;)
Good one! Reminds me of why Steve and Billie could never take, they'd be Sillie. Which they were.

But I'm still not liking the pHilip/Melanie stuff. Not so much worrying about them as a couple (yet) but why does Philip give a FUCK who killed Trent? I know Melanie asked but since when has he ever gotten involved in complete strangers problems? And given how close he got into trouble with the Paul thing, you'd think he would run far away from anything involving murder.
Philip may be trying to help out Victor, who wants Caroline absolved of the crime. If Philip can prove someone else did it that would make Victor very happy.
So maybe he plants the wallet? I don't know why he would frame Stephanie unless he got her purse confused with Melanie's.

That actually would be really soapy fun. Stax eventually find Melanie's fingerprints on the wallet and accuse her of the frame up. Melanie will be confused on how it got in Stephanie's purse because she lost it. Of course they don't believe her.

And either Nick sides with Melanie but it puts him at odds with Stax or he sides with Stax and it estranges he and Melanie.
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