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:flipoff: wtf i've been waiting forever it seems to see sami and ej together . i'm pissed and i hate nicole. would someone just kill her already ? enough is enough with the whole love triangle thing just have sami and ej be happy for once. i meam omg and get it over with and i hope that ali is ejs and not lucas' either! i love ejami and can't stand ejole i've been watching this show all my life ,but am starting to get pretty mad are you trying to lose fans or what ? i mean get real would you and stick to the good stuff and let me tell ya ej and nicole not the good stuff i absolutely hate this story line the only good thing that could come of this stoyline is if sami goes back to her good old self and finally does nicole in for good! oh wait that might actually make some of us fans happy we wouldn't want that now would we? besides i thought ej was su[pposed to be a dimera woukld you make him start acting like one again he was more fun that way the new ej is boring .the old ej would be all over sami like white on rice this ej doesn't know what he wants confused much?the writers need to get back top some basic days 101 and do some real writing instead of this blah blah blah junk and whats with the john and marlena crap and as for trebnt who cares he wasn;t on the show for long anyway
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