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Oct 2 2008, 01:17 AM
Of course her fans should post. As jcar said, there are some nutjobs out there that are what we call "rabid fanbases." These are people like Terry who are obsessed with characters/actors/etc. These are also people who get way too involved in the show, almost as if the show is real life to them and they are living in that reality. They want the show to be about the people they like and no one else. Things like that. Basically, fans that have no life and pick things apart to death classify too. It's not really anyone on the DR. There is a difference between a fanbase and a rabid one and the rabid ones are the ones that tend to ruin things for everybody by asking the same things over and over and by also acting like they are entitled to things and by acting like what they want should be the end all to be all and screw all the other fans.

So the point I was making had to do with people filling her blog with things Terry would post or with the same questions over and over like "When will Marlena get with John?" and so on. I don't mind the question being asked but you don't want to see 500+ people ask it. That is what I mean.
Got it. Thanks for clarifying!
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