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Marlena uses reverse psychology on John this week, presenting him with divorce papers since he won't seek treatment for his seizures. Deidre Hall explains Marlena's motives and her reaction to the hot kiss John plants on her.

SOW: Kayla is the one who urges Marlena to keep John instead of simply divorcing him. What does Kayla say to her?

DH: Kayla talks about the fact that John's not in a place to be given up on. She notes that she and Steve went through a lot of trials when he wasn't quite himself, and he came out okay.

SOW: Does Marlena listen to what Kayla says?

DH: In her heart Marlena wants John back. Anybody that makes sense on that level and gives Marlena some hope, she will follow. Marlena would like nothing more than to help John, but he has refused her help.

SOW: Kayla ultimately persuades Marlena to use reverse psychology on John. What, exactly?

DH: Marlena is talking about (presenting John with) divorce papers, and Kayla says that might be the tool to make John get help. If he loves Marlena so much that he doesn't want to lose her, maybe the carrot will be, "Well, then you need to take care of yourself."

SOW: Marlena decides to give it a go and heads to the mansion to see John with divorce papers in hand. What happens?

DH: Marlena is a bit abrupt and a little tough with John. She says, "I buried you once. I won't bury you again. If you won't get help, I'm done with you."

SOW: Still, John refuses to get any medical help. Why?

DH: His fear of being in the hospital is bigger than his fear of what might be wrong with him.

SOW: What's John's reaction to Marlena's divorce threat?

DH: There's nothing like seeing divorce papers to get your attention. John doesn't fight so much as he flings the divorce papers in a non-violent way. Then gives Marlena a serious kiss.

SOW: Does it affect her?

DH: She's rocked back on her heels, because it's that speed change; that sharp turn in the road. She's pulled back into the physical attraction to him. Marlena is not angry. She tells John she's serious; (the words he needs) to sign the papers and give them back to her.

SOW: But John refuses and Marlena leaves the mansion. What is she feeling?

DH: It is her third strike, as Drake (Hogestyn, John) would tell you. Marlena needs John to be alive. She needs to have him care as much about himself as she does, and when he doesn't, she's overwhelmed with frustration. Marlena is in limbo.

SOW: Does Marlena have any hope that she may have gotten through to John?

DH: She doesn't know. But if John doesn't make some changes pretty soon, he'll lose Marlena for good.

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