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(Summarized & reworded)

One woman, Sami, is determinded to keep her pregnancy a secret from EJ, and the other, Nicole, drops the bombshell to him this week.

Arianne Zucker (Nicole) says John convinces Nicole to tell EJ the truth, so Nicole goes looking for EJ.

Nicole finds EJ at Chez Rouge and starts to probe him about his feelings. Nicole says she understands why Sami has to be in his life because of Johnny, but AZ adds Nicole still is trying to figure out what EJ is feeling.

AZ says EJ responds by saying he cares for both Nicole and Sami. But that's not what Nicole was looking for, EJ wanting to have his cake and eat it, too. That's the final straw for Nicole and she chooses not to tell EJ about the baby.

Dejected, Nicole goes to the mansion where she has a conversation with John. John says if she doesn't tell EJ about the baby, he will.

Nicole is backed into a corner and later delivers her news to EJ not knowing Sami is lurking in the background listening to Nicole's every word.

AZ says the ideal would be for EJ to get down on his knees and propose to Nicole; but EJ just stands there in shock. AZ adds it looks like this is not what EJ wants. Nicole wants commitment from EJ telling him he will not get that from Sami. EJ wants the best of both worlds. But...

When EJ finds out the has not one, but *two* babies on the way, those worlds will get a lot more complicated.

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