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So I presume Eric tried out for the FBI agent?

Weird GG talks of AS when they said he was gonna flirt with Nicole. I think he might be replacing BD in the quad/pentagon and Chloe will move to a triangle with Brady and Philip.
I guess BD may be leaving the show, wow. For some reason the spoilers i saw yesterday and this one don't match. The other spoilers said that Melanie is the killer. is there a chance that the other one could be a false one?
Its gonna depend on what Melanie "remembers" on "killing" Trent. It's pretty irritating because Melanie has not been presented like she has any memory lapse for that night.

I think Melanie "killing" Trent is still another red herring. They set one up with Max first. Now to draw this out for sweeps they have Melanie appear to have killed him which creates tension with her newfound family and Nick. Then in the end she is vindicated somehow and it was Claude's men all along.
That makes sense, but i hope it is not Terry's spoiler, because it is too quick and it doesn't make sense of Mel killing her dad. Unless they are trying to give her the pink slip, i hope they don't, she has a lot of potential instead they should get rid of Stephanie.
If you are talking about the ones I posted yesterday those are NOT bullshit that Terry made up. They are tv listings.
I am not saying you made it up, but so many time i saw a made up one, and also the one from SOW and the one you posted didn't match at all that is why. Sorry if i offended you, but that is not what i was trying. Since you didn't post your source i thought maybe terry is playing with us.
No, I wasn't offended. Just wanted to clarify. :)
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