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Glad EJ finds out.

While I can see why EJ treats Nicole the way he does (especially since I expect Sami to question things regarding Nicole and rightfully so), I do agree that maybe it is best for Nicole to tell EJ to stick it. I like EJ and Nicole but I also don't want Nicole sticking with someone who is going to continue to ping pong from woman to woman. It would not be in character for Nicole to just stand by and take shit like what EJ is apparently going to be dishing out to her so hopefully she stands up for herself and gives EJ hell. I wouldn't mind seeing Nicole let EJ have it and going in a new direction for a bit and then ending up with him someday but given how this is going to play, I think she should at least tell him to go to hell.

This is actually unfolding better then I thought so I look forward to it.
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