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Oct 2 2008, 04:31 PM
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Sep 30 2008, 04:44 PM
For Christ's sakes, y'all know what I mean, but let me rephrase....the mayor that we haven't seen until just recently.
Higley CARES. That's all that matters :drunk:
For reals. She is doing this all FOR US.

Generous gal.
Ok, this "letīs hate Higley for anything" fest starts to be really old and tired. She is not even writing the show alone anymore. Nobody asks you to be sorry or care for the mayor. His dead is witnessed by Sami who is a major character and the murder is obviously part of a bigger story. Itīs not about him, itīs about the people around him, about his connection with Stefano, about people on his payroll at SPD, about Abeīs running for the new mayor. Thatīs what matters.
Great post, Jane. I agree completely.

Just like with the Trent story, It's not so much about him and who murdered him but more about the effects on characters like Max, Melanie, Caroline, etc.

I think you and I are in the minority though, which is nothing new for me. More people do seem to be enjoying the show though on most says so that says something.
I feel the same way as you and Jane, Phoenix. It was the same with Theo having autism. People said they don't care about Theo, well the story is not just about Theo, it's more about Abe and Lexie.
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