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Oct 2 2008, 04:54 PM
Yeah, but you could say "I don't care" about stuff on OLTL, and I wouldn't feel the need to explain to you why you should care. I wouldn't care. I may not agree with you, but I've never once said you don't like stuff because you have something against Ron Carlivati. Almost anytime I say anything negative about DAYS, it's just chalked up to me not liking Higley, as if it's not possible that not everyone might be enjoying and interested in what's happening on the show.
Mason, you do defend it at times. You just did it in the Micheal Malone thread. I made some points regarding my issues with OLTL and you defended it. I responded explaining points further and you responded in what I consider a rude manner. I wouldn't mind if you said I do have a problem with Ron. That's your opinion and it may be my opinion that some have an issue with Higley. If you do, that's fine. I could care less. I understand why some would given her past. I still have issues with her. That isn't something I take issue with.

When I explain my view, it's not to make anyone else care. It's to explain why I care and where I'm coming from. I'm just backing up my points.. You mentioned not caring about the mayor in this thread. My response was in keeping with why I care and how I feel about the situation. It had nothing to do with trying to convince people otherwise. I don't work for Days. I could care less. It was just me speaking about where I'm coming from on this position.

I'm not naive to think my words can make anyone care. Everyone is different. I only speak from my personal point of view and explain why I feel how I do. That's it.
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