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Oct 2 2008, 09:44 PM
Oct 2 2008, 08:36 PM
Wow..Let's all give Nicole an award for figuring out that EJ is a bit of a prize in more ways than one. She's a fucking genius!!! It's pretty easy for Nicole to go after what she wants when she doesnt' have the same history that Sami and EJ have. I wonder if Nicole would have the same feelings for EJ had he done some of the same things he did to Sami during his BSC time. She would have run for the hills..
Instead we'll just pretend that Sami doesn't have legitimate reasons to be scared of loving and admitting she's in love with EJ. It's much easier to bash her and praise St.Nicole.. :eyeroll:

Yes, compared to Sami Nicole is fucking genius...but then again, who isn't?

IMO Sami doesn't have a single legitimate reason to even think that she's in love with EJ.
That was never my issue with her. :eyeroll:
Now Sami's a moron...Sure.. ^o)

I'm sure if there wasn't a thing called Sweeps Sami would have admitted her feelings for EJ a while ago but
since they insist on only making important strides with EJ and Sami during Sweeps that's how Sami is being written. Nicole, being the interloper that she is, can be clear about her feelings for EJ because she's just a plot device. Sami being unsure is supposed to be the angst for a couple in the making.

And obviously I don't share your opinion about Sami not having reasons to love EJ...
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