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Oct 2 2008, 11:28 PM
Oct 2 2008, 08:36 PM
Wow..Let's all give Nicole an award for figuring out that EJ is a bit of a prize in more ways than one. She's a fucking genius!!! It's pretty easy for Nicole to go after what she wants when she doesnt' have the same history that Sami and EJ have. I wonder if Nicole would have the same feelings for EJ had he done some of the same things he did to Sami during his BSC time. She would have run for the hills..
Instead we'll just pretend that Sami doesn't have legitimate reasons to be scared of loving and admitting she's in love with EJ. It's much easier to bash her and praise St.Nicole.. :eyeroll:
Nicole does not need to be raped and abused by EJ to prove that she truly cares about him. Rape, constant lies, and constant manipulations are defining factors of the Ejami obsession story and prove time and time again why they are toxic for each other. I don't want that for EJole. I'd actually like to see, ya know, a romance, which is the complete opposite of what I've seen from Ejami over the past two years.
I dont' actually see an EJ/Nicole romance coming your way either...Sorry. :frown:

I never said I wanted Nicole raped or abused (in this thread at least) but my point is that Nicole is all googly eyed over EJ when she hasn't even scratched the surface IMO. Nicole has never seen the darker side of EJ which Sami has and yet Sami loves him.

As for an EJami romance..it's been there but unfortunately it's a bit more subtle than most couples get. I expect when EJami get together around sweeps you will see a more legit romance with Nicole trying to break them up because she is the interloper in this storyline especially since Lucas seems to have moved on and is now back to being Sami's friend.
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