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Oct 2 2008, 08:45 PM
Oct 2 2008, 08:35 PM
I have a problem with Higley. I admit it freely. She ruined OLTL for me, and, for the past six seven months, she's done a great job of ruining Days. There are quite a few things I can put directly at her door that I will never forgive her for. Starting with firing Martha Madison, and on through firing Hogan's excellent dialogue writers to hire her own abysmal ones. And that's not even considering how much I despise her as a human being for using the strike to steal the job in the first place.

As far as general writing goes--her stories were similar enough to what she wrote on OLTL that I find it hard to believe that Scott did much of anything until a few weeks before he was fired. And that period was an improvement.

I agree that the show is better now. But I doubt that it's because Higley's alone. My guess is that the improvements can be laid 100% at the feet of her co-headwriter. I think that it speaks volumes that the first thing Tomlin did was hire him.
I think Jane already alluded to this. There is another writer involved, and for all we know, he's gradually "elbowing her out" like Higley was allowed to basically replace Sheffer after being the co-headwriter.
I donīt have any inside info, but I do think itīs very clear Tomlin is the one calling the shots now. He is the one who hired a new CoHW he trusts, he is the one who fired one of Higleyīs friend from the writing team, he is the one who completely revamped the writing team, sort of reestablished the breakthrough writer position again, and is just now hiring writers familiar with DAYS again. (Just look over at SON writers/director threat)

I donīt know about Higley, itīs possible she clicks well with the new team and she is actually investing her time into writing instead of fights with the EP, but whatever happened it seems the situation behind the screen really improved and itīs visible on the show.
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