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Viewing Single Post From: DAYS:Thaao posted 9/27
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Oct 2 2008, 05:53 PM
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Just watch they will backburn brilliant actors like Thaao and Joe M and we will have scene after scene with the Passion's Peck Pair.
Yep. Everytime Corday complains about money and fires vets, he always either brings back a cheaper vet or hires someone new. He never actually cuts the cast size at all.

What pisses me off about the PPP hirings is that DOOL never picked up actors from Santa Barbara and Another World. So why pick up actors from Passions?
It's simple. NBC has some sort of fetish with Passions.

Unlike with Santa Barbara, Another World, and Sunset Beach....NBC just could not let Passions go. It let it drag on on and with one year renewals when it was mentioned several times by some affiliates that it wasn't making enough in profits. Then it cancels it but fights like hell for it to live on elsewhere. It gets on DIRECTV and it cancels it soon after but even then NBC tries to save it.

I really do think the hirings of Martsolf and Gering was a combination of Tomlin (who worked with them) and NBC influence.

As for the Dimera war story, who knows. I think the show is trying to get other stories going right now. I still think Thaoo is one whose job was saved by his Emmy nod. I really do. His situation just reeks of keeping him around to avoid negative press, something they had to take when they got rid of Martha. Martha was not an Emmy nominated actress but she was a critical and fan darling so the show really had to deal with lots of negative press. They didn't want to do that with Thaoo and, in all honesty, I think Tony and Anna are kept around just for window dressing and add to the story. Hopefully that changes.
I think they left Passions on for so long because it was cheaper than DOOL and a younger fanbase. But AW and SB had emmy winning actors. Even ATWT picked up some AW actors and characters, Cass, Lila, Vicky, Marley, Donna, and Jake.
Yeah but, other then Jake, none of them lasted long and even Jake was killed. They even admitted it was a mistake because it alienated some ATWT fans and it didn't help bring in AW fans.

I do think there are better actors the show could've went out and got though for sure.
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