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I have to say, after watching the last few epis with BD, I'm liking him again. He had become way to shrill and over the top. I'm not sure that was all his fault, or Higley's, maybe a little of both. It seems that the story has direction, and that's really helping his acting. These past few scenes with him and AS seem like closure to the Lumi storybook. I for one am glad. Maybe, now they can be friends. I, too, liked how he called Sami on her scheming, and she hadn't even said anything....she just had this look. That pulled on their history, Lucas knows how she schemes and he was quick to call her on it.

I also liked how we are seeing more into the characters motivations. That has SO been missing. We think we know what or who a character wants, but we never saw anything play out on screen to back it up. Over the past couple of days, we've been able to see into their psyche a little better, and I for one am loving that.

Loving Stefano, John, EJ, Sami and yes even Lucas.....

All in all a much better week on Days!!
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