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Viewing Single Post From: SOW: Nicole to EJ: I'm pregnant!
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Oct 3 2008, 10:16 AM
Oct 3 2008, 09:58 AM
I am so sick of the couple wars too. First it was Lumi/EJami, and now we've been having EJole/EJami wars. I try to stay out of the fray, but its hard to sit by and watch something that just doesn't happen in reality, nor is it something I feel that should be playing out on our screens for the younger girls that watch the show. There is nothing natural or believable about a woman falling in love with the man that raped her and terrorized her/her family and her children for 2+ years.

Some things you just can't suspend belief about. In fact some of their s/l's are down right insulting. This happens to be one of them for me. Stax is another.
The only thing that explains it is the Stockholm Syndrome. This fits Sami exactly. She has been held hostage by EJ through all his threats and manipulations, and last telling her she could not take Johnny out of the mansion (court order). The man is a complete piece of work.

If Sami herself can get free, it will take some time, but she can completely overcome the brainwashing he has put her through. I hope she runs away, so the new baby won't be caught in that evil web.
Spin it, DJ DOOL!! :walkman:

If I had to list the amount of times Sami has had the opportunity to voluntarily have nothing to do with EJ, I'd have to charge you.
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