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Oct 3 2008, 10:58 AM
Oct 3 2008, 10:36 AM
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Oct 3 2008, 09:58 AM
How do we know that Sami loves EJ? I certainly don't know that. She's never told him. She's never said it out loud, even while she is alone. She's certainly never shown him in actions either. I don't think jumping out of the bed naked to chase after another man, moments after fucking EJ, an act of love towards EJ. You never hear Sami talking about a future of any kind that goes beyond co parenting with EJ either. In fact, over the past few days we have heard her exclaim that she still wants nothing to do with EJ.

At least I can get some solace in the fact that the writers haven't taken her completely in to the twilight zone. Knowing (I FF'd through the barf fest, so I can't say I actually watched it lol) that Sami fucked her rapist/terrorist willingly was hard enough to swallow (no pun intended). I just can't relate to this s/l whatsoever.

Nicole at least admits her feelings. We've heard her say a few times now, that she is in love with EJ.

I am so sick of the couple wars too. First it was Lumi/EJami, and now we've been having EJole/EJami wars. I try to stay out of the fray, but its hard to sit by and watch something that just doesn't happen in reality, nor is it something I feel that should be playing out on our screens for the younger girls that watch the show. There is nothing natural or believable about a woman falling in love with the man that raped her and terrorized her/her family and her children for 2+ years.

Some things you just can't suspend belief about. In fact some of their s/l's are down right insulting. This happens to be one of them for me. Stax is another.
Maybe all the stuff you've listed is pretty unbelievable, but I personally don't watch Days for the believeability factor. Days, as well as other tv shows I watch ARE my escape from the insanity of the world I live in. It's solely entertainment for me.

To utilize the word "war" would imply that there is some hostility here and while there is a lot of debating going on, on my part, I'm just giving my opinions and respectfully disagreeing with others. No one here has insulted anyone.
I agree, and anyone (such as the the hypothetical impressionable young girl) who is going to make life decisions based fictional television has no business watching tv at all. There are definitely some things that air that I don't want to see, and that's fine, but if Days is going to have to tailor content to protect the viewers who don't have any common sense, they'd might as well close up shop now, because that would be a very bland show.
Tailor content for a few viewers that lack common sense? I can't even say the number of times that I've seen people posting that Sami really wanted EJ and that it wasn't rape at all.

IMO there are some lines that should not be crossed or the show loses all of its integrity and insults its viewers. DOOL tread into dangerous waters and glossed over a serious topic just to appease a fanbase instead of handling the topic with the care it deserved.

DOOL is sending a message that a victim can fall in love with a man that raped her. Rape is an act of violence. To some of us even the suggestion a rape victim will fall in love or lust with the man that attacked her is OFFENSIVE.

So, what are they trying to say? That it was her fault that it happened? That she wanted it? That an attacker can somehow undo the damage that he did with an "I'm sorry?" and they can go on to have a romantic relationship?

Maybe the message they are sending is that their viewers want what they want and
I feel Days did the best job they could handling it in May. If you don't, that's fine with me. I believe that both camps (rape/skeevy thing but not rape) have valid points. Someone's interpretations of that storyline don't tell you anything at all about how much common sense they have. But, If anyone takes anything that happened on Days into account when making a real life decision, then no, they don't have common sense. It's fiction, not a guide to live one's life by.

And while something may be offensive to some viewers, that does not mean it automatically shouldn't be on the air.
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