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Nicole Walker

Mesagirl were on the same page as far as Ejami goes. Eventhough, I don't like Ejami, I will never tell people what to like and what not to like. It's just simply not my cup of tea.

Sami nearly castrated Alan the man that raped her yet i'm suppose to believe she'd fall for EJ who forced her to sleep with him inorder to save Lucas and terrorized her and her family for months. POD Sami would but not the real Sami Brady. I'm not buying this story but it's what they are trying to sell, some like it and some don't. That's why I laugh when they are telling us to go green like STFU don't tell me anything when you have this crap going on. Anyways, I'll leave it at that and we can gush over Nicole being pregnant! She's so excited and I hope this works out for her. I think a baby makes all difference for a woman like Nicole.
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