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Oct 3 2008, 02:02 AM
How great is it seeing Caroline be the center of the show this week, like others have said Peggy is delivering. She does have plenty of material for a supporting actress nom, although I would be absolutely shocked if she pulled a nom somehow. I enjoyed all the cop station scenes until the end when I found it contrived how a couple just happened to walk by at the exact time Caroline went after Trent with a knife.

Bryan Datillo is actually a good actor when he doesn't have to show rage or isn't yelling out his lines. The scenes the last 2 eppies is how and why I used to be a LUMI fan. Having said that I don't ever want them back together, they are best when they are bickering back and forth. These scenes were great, glad Lucas brought up the Will ordeal.

I wish someone would kill Dan just like they did Trent, I just can't take much more of him. How I would love to watch Victor strangle him to death.

Jawn/Nicole: Ari has become a top notch actress, she shines in every single scene. Her and Drake play off each other well.

I am looking forward to see how EJ eventually reacts to fathering 2 more children. Ever heard of a condom? :lol:

BD is a good mimic. In one scene with EJ this week, he actually did a little bit of English accent. I liked that, the writers lightening him up.
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