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I ADORE John and Nicole. They have great friendship chemistry but I don't want no romance. I did like her concern for him and I do think he likes her. He seemed concerned for her and just wanted to give her a good time. I have to say though Ari was amazing today. That scene where she broke down to John about being confused about things and then promising she will raise this baby even on her own was good stuff. Ari didn't overdo it. She just became the character and it felt so real. She really has become one of the best actresses on this show. A decade ago, I could've never said this but now I feel she could be a lead actress. She really is that good IMO. Loved their scenes and I like their partnership to help each other.

Couldn't agree more about Lumi. This is them in a nutshell. Their edge is back and so is the snark. The only thing I had a problem with today was the editing. It was horrible. We had Sami at the hospital and then halfway through Sami at the Dimera mansion overhearing Stefano and EJ and then all of a sudden she is with Lucas, who just left Kate at the hospital, at the cabin. I feel like the show missed a scene where Sami left the mansion, found Lucas at the hospital or something, and then went to the cabin. They should've either had a scene or a line of dialogue alluding to that. I understand why Sami went with him since she was upset over Stefano and EJ but still. That was a misstep for me.

Not only that but so much was choppy today. That little 2 second scene of Chloe looking out the pub window for Lucas. Why bother with that? It serves no purpose. It just felt off to me. The show felt mangles. The first half was solidly organized and the second half felt rushed and pieced together, at least for me.

I did like Stefano advising EJ and I love that chilling theme in the background. Nice way to scare the hell out of Sami. I just love Joe and James together. Ali and James rocked in the hospital scenes. Good stuff. Fiery Sami is back.

I really enjoyed the Philip, Kate, Lucas scenes. I'm so pleased with this story. I like Philip being at odds with Daniel but giving in for his mother. Jay was very good today. I thought that last scene of a worried Kate taking Daniel's hand was a nice touch. I'm really buying them as a potential couple more and more.

Now, I did enjoy the Phloe scenes. Seems like Nadia will be off for a bit as Chloe will be in Kansas City and I thought Philip helping Chloe and the fact she was going for awhile was a nice way of facilitating the kiss and also opening the door for Lucas and Sami interaction. The kiss was nice it led to the worst part of the show for me and that was Morgan's exit.

I get that this probably ties in with the scandal. Renton said Scott played a role in her remaining with the show. I mean, she hasn't been seen or mentioned (other then in passing from Philip on Monday's episode) at all since Tomlin joined. Now she returns for three scenes and barely has any dialogue and just kind of sits there and accepts what she's seeing with Philip and Chloe. I hated that. I wanted to see Morgan get pissed and upset and let Philip have it. How do you tell someone he's a good guy when your dating him and just caught him kissing his ex? Stupid. Morgan came off like a fool just to benefit Philip. She looked coldly at them but that was it. I guess since she was already toying with going to Chicago for the internship I can see why she was so quick to dismiss Philip. It made it easy for her and she's moving on but her not having an angry reaction was just dumb. Not only that but her exit was so forced and treated as nothing. I'm used to rushed exits on this show but never has an exit been done this poorly IMO, at least not recently although Nicole's exit a few years ago sucked horribly too. Regardless of how long she's been with the show and whatever may have happened, she still had fans and they deserved to see her exit treated with some level of care and importance. Chucking her into 2-3 scenes at the end and just having her say a few lines and then having her written how she was...just a mess. It made me glad she was gone and I'm a fan of her. She had so much potential. Ugh. They could've at least had her say goodbye to her friends? They don't even mention her Monday. Philip simply is trying to call her to check on her and that's it.

Not bad today but it did lack of a Friday cliffhanger and I hope Tomlin has the show be a bit more consistent with that. I did not like the choppy feel today and, as I said, the Morgan stuff was just shit. Everything else I enjoyed pretty much.

The show had a good week. Look forward to next week.
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