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Oct 3 2008, 03:04 PM
I'm liking the Jawn & Nicole chemistry....... :ninja:
I liked their scenes together today. I know J/M fans want the old John back but both writers/Drake seems to have so much fun with this new character. You could see Drake really enjoyed himself today.

Ari is great and I really hope Nicol finds happiness one day. But Ali seems much more alive and involved too. And I love this return to frenemies chemistry between her and Lucas.

Morgan´s exit was so rushed, I´m still wondering what poor Kristen did/said she was fired so quickly. Morgan was part of the Corday´s preview which was already Higley, so she had to do something. Also it looks like the entire "happy, but catastrophic" story for her, Phil and Chloe was scrapped and that´s why they are writing Chloe out too. No story for her right now.

Btw. it´s interesting Nicjohn started to form this kind of weird friendship back in spring, but it went nowhere and we´ve got John/Ava instead. And now John/Nicol are back again. So I quess John/Nicol are Higley, while John/Ava was Scott.
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