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Oct 3 2008, 03:04 PM
I'm liking the Jawn & Nicole chemistry....... :ninja:
I liked their scenes together today. I know J/M fans want the old John back but both writers/Drake seems to have so much fun with this new character. You could see Drake really enjoyed himself today.

Ari is great and I really hope Nicol finds happiness one day. But Ali seems much more alive and involved too. And I love this return to frenemies chemistry between her and Lucas.

Morganīs exit was so rushed, Iīm still wondering what poor Kristen did/said she was fired so quickly. Morgan was part of the Cordayīs preview which was already Higley, so she had to do something. Also it looks like the entire "happy, but catastrophic" story for her, Phil and Chloe was scrapped and thatīs why they are writing Chloe out too. No story for her right now.

Btw. itīs interesting Nicjohn started to form this kind of weird friendship back in spring, but it went nowhere and weīve got John/Ava instead. And now John/Nicol are back again. So I quess John/Nicol are Higley, while John/Ava was Scott.
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