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Oct 3 2008, 03:38 PM
The only thing I had a problem with today was the editing. It was horrible. We had Sami at the hospital and then halfway through Sami at the Dimera mansion overhearing Stefano and EJ and then all of a sudden she is with Lucas, who just left Kate at the hospital, at the cabin. I feel like the show missed a scene where Sami left the mansion, found Lucas at the hospital or something, and then went to the cabin. They should've either had a scene or a line of dialogue alluding to that. I understand why Sami went with him since she was upset over Stefano and EJ but still. That was a misstep for me.

Not only that but so much was choppy today. That little 2 second scene of Chloe looking out the pub window for Lucas. Why bother with that? It serves no purpose. It just felt off to me. The show felt mangles. The first half was solidly organized and the second half felt rushed and pieced together, at least for me.
I agree. The clear direction and drive was missing today, almost like the show was heavily edited or atleast patched together from few different scripts. I think originally it was atleast two shows, but they decided to cut out most of the Phillip/Morgan/Chloe and EJ/Stefano conversation.
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