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Oct 3 2008, 10:20 AM
Oct 1 2008, 11:15 PM
According to the other thread, Mr. FBI Galen is Sami's love interest, not Nicoles.
I guess we will soon find out!
I am kind of finding all of this very exciting and intriguing. Who is going to end up with who??? I hope we don't NOT have an answer!
Nobody said he will be her love interest. He is coming to Salem as an FBI agent and Sami will witness a murder of the mayor. Im pretty sure when the mags said they will have scenes together it wasnt anything romantic but related to the federal investigation of the murder.
The thing is......it's difficult to rely on what the mags say now, when TPTB might change course and go another way. It could be Nicole or Allison.
You know, for all we know, Allison might decide to extend her maternity leave. It has certainly been known to happen. Personally, I want FBI Guy to be for Sami so Nicole can have EJ. LOL. In my dream world, since NOTHING goes my way on Days. But, hell, I keep pluggin' along and lovin' it anyway for some asinine reason! :D
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