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Oct 3 2008, 05:00 PM
The exit scenes for Morgan were so. fucking. cold.

It didn't just make HER look bad, it made the whole lot of them look bad.

Chloe looked like a bitch for doing that and being seemingly happy about it.

Philip looked like a sack of shit for kissing her so blatantly and being "Oh, oh well." about it afterwards and basically shrugging it off and not denying that he loved Chloe (What the FUCK?) when just a few weeks ago he was proclaiming his love for Morgan.

And Morgan stands there, takes it, accepts it and doesn't even slap the shit out of him.

Dena Higley is fucking horrible.
I loved Morgan's exit! Its not the first time she's caught Philip & Chloe kissing. She knew it was something going on between them, but chose to persue Philip anyways. That's why she said Philip was still in love with Chloe. I liked how they kissed, seen Morgan, and continued with their heartfelt goodbye like she wasn't even there. Chloe doesn't have any reason to treat her any better. Philip, on the other hand was kind of cold, but I enjoyed it. You could tell Morgan wanted him to tell her to stay and not take the internship in Chicago. Philip was basically like its been nice knowing ya, and sent her off with a pat on the back.

Kristens exit was unusually rushed, not that I mind. She had to have pissed somebody off.
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