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Oct 3 2008, 10:36 AM

If you think less of Nicole for pursuing EJ than what do you think about EJ chasing after Sami? At least EJ has said on a number of occasions that he wanted to see where a relationship with Niole will lead. Sami has told EJ to his face that she doesn't want him, will never love him and she will always love Lucas. EJ pursued her when she was engaged to Austin, engaged to Lucas, married to Lucas and pining for Lucas. What does that say about EJ?

My point is that no one in Salem is behaving intelligently. And that includes EJ.

I don't think less of Nicole because of it. I hate her, but that's not why. I expect stupidity from Days characters. It's great when it doesn't happen, but it doesn't bother me when it does.

That said, I do think there's a difference between EJ and Nicole. First of all, they started very differently. Second, EJ never convinced himself that Sami didn't have feelings for Austin or Lucas. He went into this with his eyes wide open. Moving on would definately be the smart thing for EJ to do in this situation. But sometimes the heart has a mind of its own...
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