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Oct 3 2008, 12:00 AM
I don't think there are too many intelligent people in Salem. Do you realize neither one of these women realized they were pregnant for their entire first trimester? I realize that Nicole thought she couldn't get pregnant, but still....

And as far as EJ's concerned--Nicole's a moron for going after EJ when she knows how he felt about Sami. Regardless of what he says now, she has to know that EJ's not over Sami. And she actually thought he'd be happy she's pregnant? Please. Then there are the little hints she dropped to EJ last week about Trent being out of the picture...I'm sure she's not guilty, but it was still a very stupid thing to do. I won't even go into how stupid it is to assume you're divorced when you haven't signed divorce papers.

Sami's an idiot for trying to keep her pregnancy from EJ. Not initially, but buying new clothes? What does she plan to do when the baby's born? Or maybe she thinks she can hide a live newborn?

But this is days, where the only time any character is allowed to have more than one brain cell is when they're veering to the darker side of gray. At this point, I'd be worried if my favorite started to show too many signs of intelligence. Don't get me wrong--I'd love it if a new writer made the characters actually behave somewhat intelligently, but I'm not holding out too much hope.

Fuzzy, I have to apologize to you. My point that it is hypocritical to call Nicole stupid for pursuing EJ is only valid if you are an EJami fan and there was nothing in your post to suggest that you are pro-EJami.

Again, my apologies for reading something into your post that wasn't there.
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