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Philip looked like a sack of shit for kissing her so blatantly and being "Oh, oh well." about it afterwards and basically shrugging it off and not denying that he loved Chloe (What the FUCK?) when just a few weeks ago he was proclaiming his love for Morgan.

Philip never said he loved Morgan. He never told her he was falling in love with her or that he loved her. He cares about her, but didn't love her. I did think both he and Chloe were pretty cold to Morgan today (although in Chloe's defense - Morgan definitely deserved it. She had no problem doing it to Chloe. What goes around comes around). And I liked that Philip couldn't deny it - it's my opinion he's been in love with Chloe since they started hooking up, and only now started to realize it.

I don't like Morgan at all, but I would definitely agree that KR must have done something to piss somebody off. She was shoved off screen for weeks and then brought back to be dismissed after a few short scenes. Philip didn't even seem guilty or upset that he did what he did. It totally negated any relationship they might have had. Which I didn't mind, but I do see how it could upset their fans. She really did get the shaft - but I think Days has done that to some other exiting actors in the past.

I loved the Philip and Chloe scenes today (of course). I think they're magical together. :D

I thought AZ tore up the screen today. I'm pregnant too, and when she was talking about it, I got so emotional and invested in what she was saying. I would have preferred her to be with someone who could exhibit some emotion and be more caring, but John was funny in his scenes. I love Nicole. I wish they'd send Sami away and let Nicole be the center of that age group.

I also thought Kate with her boys was extremely emotional, and had me tearing up. LK played that so well!

I also managed to watch the EJ/Sami scenes and Lucas/Sami scenes, which I can't typically do, but found both pairings entertaining today. I thought it was a good show!
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